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Wedding Album 16*24 Design Ideas & Tips That Make It Memorable

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Your Wedding-Day is one of the most important days of your life & it deserves nothing but the best wedding album design. Here are some ideas & tips to make it memorable.(Wedding Album 16*24 Design Ideas & Tips That Make It Memorable)

Wedding Album 16*24 Design Ideas
Wedding Album 16*24 Design Ideas
Wedding Album 16*24 Design Ideas

Wedding albums are a priceless keepsake that you will take away from your wedding. Wedding albums are an irreplaceable bouquet of memories that will hold a special place in your hearts forever. This is exactly why planning and creating a stunning wedding album is a must! While you are on the search for the best photographer who can capture mesmerising and candid moments of your family members and you at your wedding, it is also important to figure out the wedding album and the layout or the pictures that you want to include in your wedding album. 

There are so many different types of wedding albums available out there for you to choose from – personalised covers to a wedding photo book. Some couples plan their wedding album designs and inspirations way ahead of the wedding whereas some couples spend days after the wedding curating the perfect wedding album.

Yes, people, a wedding album design has to be planned tediously to tell your story best. It might sound like a pretty daunting task to arrive at a particular theme and design for an album and may take a chunk of your time if you don’t follow these simple tips that are about to be showcased below. So go ahead and get some ideas and inspiration to create an amazing Indian wedding album design of your own fairytale.

There is a myriad of designs when it comes to creating your perfect wedding album. It is not just any folder, your wedding album is a special folder that contains your memories in one place. Every element of your wedding album should resonate with you and your partner or with the vision that you and your partner have. Here are some of the most creative and latest Indian wedding album designs along with the evergreen and simple Indian wedding album design images for your inspiration.

Pin the ones that touch your heart and show it to your photographer to work on the perfect Indian wedding album.

Latest Creative Wedding Album Design

You can go all out with the handcrafted Indian wedding album designs. You could even design an Indian wedding album with the theme of your wedding. From jute covers and 3D flowers, the vintage yet elegant look of this Indian wedding album design is mesmerising. You can add quotes and pretty pages on which you can put your photographs.

Ditch the good old “single photo in a page” Indian wedding album design and go for the newly in collage system.

Continuation photos in 2 pages of a photobook are so in vogue. The centre of every photobook can have an image that creates a continuation – narrates a story.

Another beautiful collage that is not only aesthetic but also has the capacity to narrate your story beautifully. 

A combination of the two – conventional photo arrangements with one photo on each page and one photo spread over two pages. What a beautiful Indian wedding album design!

An exquisite inspiration for Indian wedding albums, this two-page spread is as enchanting as ever. It does look like a magical poster of a happily ever after. 

Another spread over both the pages of your Indian wedding photo album that tells your story in chronological order with 2 photos on each page is a beauty!

There is nothing more classic and regal than a black and white picture album. Cutting out the noise and the million distractions that a frame can capture, black and white photos capture the emotions best! The small tiles of images help you include more number of photographs in your Indian wedding album deisgn.

Caricatures are a big hit among millennial couples and what is more fun than an Indian wedding album with caricatures of the couple along with their photographs? This creative yet quirky Indian wedding album design is a hoot!

Keeping it traditional with a hint of ingenuity, take a look at this Indian wedding album design for inspiration. It comes in a wooden box to add to the wow factors.

What do you think about an Indian wedding album design with the pages dedicated to a certain ceremony or a certain friend or just for your bridesmaids? Yes! Create an Indian wedding album design with pages dedicated to one certain ritual or person or a group. This helps you skip to certain parts specifically and in a way also keeps it well organised! 

How to Create the Best Wedding Album

Pick A Size – The first and foremost thing when designing an Indian wedding album design is the size of the wedding album. If you go searching, you will find different sizes available on offer for albums. For example, you may find sizes from 8×8, 12×12 etc. Albums of 11×14 inches are also typically demanded by clients. However, you need to pick the size that you would want for your album. The costs depend on the size of the wedding album or photo book you pick.

Choose The Paper

Before you decide on the design of your album, you must choose the type of paper you want for it. Either go for a matte finish paper or a glossy one as you deem fit. An album with matte paper looks crisper and is resilient to fingerprints. This type of paper offers non-glossy and a non-vibrant look to your album, but, is one of the most preferred papers by the photographers. The glossy album paper lends a shine to your album and makes it appear more colourful.(Wedding Album 16*24 Design Ideas & Tips That Make It Memorable)

However, it is easy to get fingerprints on a glossy paper. Apart from glossy and matte papers, you also have the option to choose a lustre paper for your Indian wedding album design. It’s a mix between a glossy and matte paper. Whatever you pick, the paper chosen must be able to bring out the true essence of your album.

Pick a Theme An Indian wedding album design cannot look complete unless it has a theme on which its elements are based. Therefore, a theme is of vital importance when designing an album for your Indian wedding. If you are going for a royal-themed wedding, your wedding album too must be inspired by the elements of the royalty or in case of a beach wedding your album should be in sync too. The colour palette is also of utmost importance to maintain the homogeneity of the photo album of your wedding.

Divide The Photographs – Once your theme is decided, it’s time to sort the hundreds of wedding pictures into segments. Yes, it is a tedious job, but, it has to be done. Begin by segmenting your album into pre-wedding, wedding and reception – all chronologically. Now, choose photos for each of these segments and keep aside. Mark them as Mother-Daughter or getting ready and so on while segregating. Pick the ones that are most stunning. Keeping it arranged chronologically helps you recall the stories and the memories are always beautiful to revisit in a flow.

Include Your Favourites Only – An Indian wedding album design will look grand only when all the components are in harmony. Never pick such photos that do not go with the flow of your wedding theme or do not pick all and every photo from the lot. Only such pictures have to be chosen that elucidate on the happenings of your special day. These must be the images that truly resonate with you. Stick to the images that you love the most! 

Chronological/Ceremonial Transitions – Make the transition between each ceremony as smooth as possible when creating your Indian wedding album design. This is needed to keep the story flowing rather than appear abrupt or disjointed. Pick such images that flow into a sequence. For example, pick photos starting from your pre-wedding functions like Haldi ceremony, the Mehndi ceremony, your wedding day and then the post-wedding ceremonies. Do not mix images with each other. This will only make the album look haphazard and will not offer a great story to tell in the future.

Indian Wedding Album Design Template

Indian weddings are a grand affair without a doubt. Be it a smaller guest list or an extravagant big fat Indian wedding – the rollercoaster of emotions attached to each moment is inexplicable in mere words. This is exactly why the wedding photo album is an important keepsake for the bride, groom and even their families. Creating a wedding album is not an easy task. Even after you have picked the photos and arranged them according to the steps mentioned above, you will still need to figure out the layout and the templates or even the font that is used. (Wedding Album 16*24 Design Ideas & Tips That Make It Memorable)

Even the tiniest detail as to which side of the page will the photo be placed in your wedding photo book matters a lot. This is why you must always try your hand at pre-planning the Indian wedding album templates online. You can check the online wedding album feature that WeddingWire India offers. The layout is an easy one and you can even share the album online with your loved ones by sharing a code that can be scanned. You will be absolutely blown by the features – from filters to unlimited photo storage and high-resolution download of videos and photos, we have it all right here! 

An Indian wedding, it’s said, races against time. It often goes so fast that most folks end up clueless, having missed many special moments. It’s here that a wedding album helps in a big way. It offers you the luxury to go back to that special day and feel nostalgic. Therefore, you must capture the special moments from your wedding and keep them in a safe place for you to relive and rejoice in these magical frames.