Edius Pro X/10/9/8 & Adobe After Effects Projects Dongle + 2TB DATA Wedding Project

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35,000.00 30,000.00



  • Video Editing DVD
  • Windows 10 V 10
  • 1 Device
  • 1 Year Subscription
  • Architechture: 64 bit
  • Edius Projects free Download


COMPLETE NEW PACKAGE 2020 OF EDIUS PRO 9. Hindi+Bangla Total 600+ Project. 500+ 3D Effect. 1year Free Update. Life time Online Support. 100% Run Core 2 Due, Dual Core Or Core I3 Processor. Bengali Wedding Projects, Hindi Wedding Projects, Bengali Song Projects, Hindi Song Projects, Bengali Title Projects, Hindi Title Projects, Music Title, Bengali Highlight Projects, Hindi Highlight Projects, Annaprasan / Upanayan / Birthday / Islamik Wedding Project / Rabindra Sangeet Wedding Project And Much More Edius Projects free Download.Edius Pro X/10/9/8 & Adobe After Effects Projects Dongle + 2TB DATA Wedding Project

Creativity Of Projects: RED Max : Edius Pro 7/8/9/10/X – 1000+ Projects collection with added creative graphics, effects, visual fx & beats matching. You can easily make your Portrait Song, Titles, Invitation, Highlights, Pre Wedding & Other video clips within few minutes using our RED Max Dongle Projects. Tutorials To Help We’re already include the tutorial video in the data, you can watch & get train with these videos. Color Correction Advanced Color Correction Readymade 300+ Presets Just Drag n Drop in your video & get your video Filmy/Music/TV/Tint/Extreme/Stylish look. 3D Animation Traditional Wedding Effects- 3D Ready Made Effects Just Drag & Drop in timeline – Pattern Wise Song (Vidhi/Body) Project – Ready Your Wedding Only On 1 Hours . RED Max (Edius Pro 10/X/8/9) Projects Details:- 100+ Portrait Song Projects 130+ Wedding Title Projects 20+ Wedding Invitation Projects 50+ Wedding Highlights/Teaser Projects 300+ Online Vidhi (Body) Projects 10+ Pre Wedding Projects 3D RED Max (After Effects CC) Projects:- 150+ Studio/Company Logo Projects 120+ Wedding, Cinematic, Party Title Projects 30+ Wedding Invitation Projects Birthday Projects Cinematic Effects For Your Cinematic Wedding in RED Max Bokeh, Lens Flares, Motion VFX Rays, Ink Mattes, Flourish, Smokes Falling Roses, Multiply & Track Mattes Effects Overlay Effects, Selective Colors & Many More Effects,Edius Projects free Download

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Additional Information:

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Specifications General
Sales Package
  • Dongle, 1TB Harddisk & User Guide.
Content Included
  • 600+ 2D & 3D Ready Edius Projects.
Ideal For
  • Video Editing
Exportable Formats
  • MPEG 4, MPEG 2, AVI, MP4
Languages Supported
  • Multi Languages
Supported Software
  • Edius 7/8/9 & Edius X
Supported Formats
  • All Video & Image Formats
  • Any High End Processor
Processor Speed
  • 3 Ghz
  • 4 GB
Hard Disk Space
  • 1 TB
  • NA
Sound Card
  • NA
Other System Requirements
  • NA
Box Dimensions
  • 228.6 mm
  • 152.4 mm
  • 76.2 mm
  • 500 g
Warranty Summary
  • NA
Warranty Service Type
  • NA
Covered in Warranty
  • NA
Not Covered in Warranty
  • NA
More Details
  • Generic Name       –   Multimedia
  • Country of Origin  –  India

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